Water hammer

Stopping Water Hammer Problems 20-1

  • Eliminate or control the problem. It could be caused by:
    • A vibrating pressure relief valve.
    • An emergency shutdown valve that seals too rapidly.
    • Some manual valves such as butterfly valves.
  • Install surge tanks.
    • Allows liquid to flow in or out of the piping when water hammer occurs.
    • Limited to water systems.
  • Reduce the pumping velocity.
    • Use a larger diameter pipe or reduce the flow rate.
  • Use stronger pipe.
    • A expensive fix.
    • Its a potential solution if the pipe specification is only slightly exceeded.
  • Install pump flywheels.
    • Used if a pump is slowing too quickly after an electrical trip.
  • Slow down the valves. .
    • Valves that do not close too rapidly could be used.(gate valves)
  • Use surge alleviators.
    • Similar to pulsation dampers only much larger. They are often fitted to positive displacement pumps.
  • Install pressure relief valves in the system.
    • Not suitable for use with toxic materials unless a catch system is provided.
  • Use air inlet valves.
    • Only if ingress of air or other possible external materials is not permissible.



  • On February 17, 2018