The following paper is an excerpt from my book "Bill Mc Nally's Centrifugal Pump And Mechanical Seal Reference Manual". The words marked in blue reference you to the alphabetical section of the book or directly to the subject on the CD for a detailed explanation of that particular topic. If you do not have a copy of the book or CD you can find a lot of the information in the individual papers I have published on the web.Check out the index for a list of my papers by subject.

If you find that your present centrifugal pump is not satisfying the application and running as trouble free as you would like, and you have checked:

Then you may have to purchase a different centrifugal pump or you might want to consider modifying the existing pump to get the performance and reliability you are looking for.

Here are a few modifications and pump upgrades you can consider:

Converting solid mechanical seals to split mechanical seals can reduce the time it takes to change seals and eliminate the need for other trades to become involved in the process of disassembling a pump and bringing it into the shop.

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