It all depends if you are talking about pumps or mechanical seals.

When we use this term with mechanical seals we mean:

  • We must choose the correct seal type. There are many to choose from: single-dual, balanced-unbalanced, stationary-rotary, solid-split, etc.
  • The seal materials have to be selected. These include the metal parts, the face combination and any rubber type components (elastomers).
  • Environmental controls may have to be specified to insure that we will have a lubricating fluid in the stuffing box of the pump. These environmental controls include: flushing, quenching, temperature and pressure control, etc.

When we use the term "application" with centrifugal pumps we mean:

  • We must choose the correct size pump that will operate close to its best efficiency point (BEP). This means determining the heads and corresponding capacities at various points in the pump's operating window. This process is called "making a system curve."
  • The driver has to be selected.
  • The pump materials must be chosen.



  • On February 14, 2018