Bypass line

A bypass line is commonly used to connect the pump'sg discharge to a lower pressure point in the system and allow the pump to operate closer to its best efficiency point (BEP).

Most of the time you should try to avoid connecting a discharge bypass line to the pump suction because it will add additional heat to the incoming fluid and could cause a cavitation problem. You will be better off going from the discharge side of the pump to the source tank on the suction side.

A bypass line can used to re-circulate fluid from the pump discharge to the stuffing box and increase stuffing box pressure and prevent vaporization in the stuffing box. This is called discharge recirculation

Many times you can connect the stuffing box to the pump suction and clean up the stuffing box fluid if there are solids in the pumpage. This is called suction recirculation.



  • On February 14, 2018