Centrifugal Separator

Some times called a cyclone separator. It uses centripetal force to throw solids out of the fluid. It is often recommended as a solution to removing solids in the stuffing box that could clog a mechanical seal and open the lapped faces.

Unfortunately it does not work very well in these slurry applications. To be really effective these units should be used in a bank of several separators connected in series.

The normal installation is to have higher pressure discharge fluid connected to the side of the unit with the bottom connected to the suction side of the pump. The clean outlet, on top, is then connected to the stuffing box.

One of the limitations in using this unit in a centrifugal pump application is that often there is very little pressure differential between the stuffing box and the pump suction. In some instances there is no differential at all. A double suction pump is a good example of no differential. A Duriron pump is another example of where the stuffing box pressure and the pump suction pressure are almost the same.

If the solids you are trying to remove float on the liquid (they have a low specific gravity) the separator will remove the clean liquid and put the solids into the stuffing box.



  • On February 15, 2018