Chemical listing guide for O-Rings

This is an alphabetical listing of most of the common chemicals we find in industry. The chart was made to be used with my technical paper, ” Selecting the correct elastomer for your application“.

You can learn several things from this listing:

  • The preferred O-ring material for the application. Column #2
  • If the fluid is soluble in water. Column #3
  • If the fluid is hazardous. Column #4

Click any of the following headings to go to the right spot on the list:

Please remember that your chemical is often a mixture of several chemicals that can react with the O-ring differently than any of the single components of the mixture.

You should additionally be aware that is very common to clean and flush process lines with a solvent or steam. The O-ring you select must be chemically compatible with these cleaners and solvents.

The last thing to remember is that each O-ring has an upper and lower temperature limit. Do not exceed these numbers.