Metal Bellows

The welded metal bellows is used in mechanical seal designs to eliminate the need for a dynamic elastomer.

The illustration shows a rotating version of the seal. A stationary version is also available, but care must be exercised if you use a stationary metal bellows seal design. Flow through the normal stuffing box or gland flush, or recirculation connection can cause a substantial temperature differential across the seal face that can cause the lapped seal faces to become distorted.

The bellows is welded to end fittings that hold the seal face and shaft attachment device. These end fittings are normally manufactured from Invar 36 , or Carpenter 42 material.

Unfortunately neither of these metals has good corrosion resistance, so the sealing application is limited to high temperature non-corrosive fluids such as heat transfer oils, hot resins and plastics, along with polymers and monomers.

Please note the vibration damper installed at the seal face ID.



  • On February 16, 2018