Noise in the Pump

There are a number of things that can cause noise in a centrifugal pump:

  • The product is cavitating in the pump. There are at least four types of cavitation:
    • Flow turbulence cavitation, F022
    • Internal recirculation cavitation, PT009
    • Vane passing syndrome cavitation, PT011
    • Vaporization cavitation,PT007
    • And one that resembles cavitation. Air ingestion, A013
  • The pump is experiencing water hammer.
  • A component is rubbing.
    • The impeller is rubbing against the volute because of thermal expansion or improper adjustment.
    • The sleeve is hitting an API (American Petroleum Institute) disaster bushing.
    • The shaft is hitting a thermal bushing in the end of the stuffing box.
  • The bearings are bad.
  • The mechanical seal has come loose from the shaft.
  • A foreign object has entered into the stuffing box.
  • The seal faces are running dry. They will make a whistling noise.
  • You have hit a critical speed.
  • Coupling misalignment.
  • The noise is coming from the motor or some near by equipment.
  • Slip stick at the seal faces.



  • On February 16, 2018