Pump Technology, Here is What is Available

We all want the best pump for our money, but too often we do not know what the best pump is.

Once you have selected the correct size pump for your application, here are some features you should be looking for. Keep in mind that some manufacturers do not have all of them:

  • Low shaft diameter to length ratio.Less than 60 L3 /D4 . Less than 2 in the metric system
  • Large operating window.
  • C or D frame adapter to simplify driver to pump alignment
  • Centerline design for thermal expansion.
  • Oversize stuffing box.
  • Adequate bearing retention (no snap rings).
  • Positive bearing sealing. No grease or lip seals that will cut or frett the pump shaft.
  • Reliable bearing oil level indication.
  • Bearing oil-cooling availability.
  • Low net positive suction head required (NPSHR).
  • A double volute to prevent shaft deflection.
  • Suction specific speed number below 8500 (5200 metric).
  • Dynamically balanced rotating assembly.
  • Impeller specific speed number selected for the application.
  • Duplex metal impeller.
  • The impeller should be investment cast.
  • The ability to adjust the impeller clearance from the wet end to prevent seal face load change.



  • On February 16, 2018