In the seal business, quench is a term used to describe the introduction of a fluid outboard the mechanical seal. We use this fluid to:
  • To cool or heat the product we are sealing
  • To dilute and carry away any leakage that has come across the lapped seal faces.
  • To introduce low-pressure steam behind the seal to put out a fire.
  • Oil refineries use this connection to direct light hydrocarbon leakage to a flare where thew hydrocarbon can be burned off.

The Quench and drain connections are labeled “D.” A close fitting bushing in the end of the gland directs the quench fluid down the drain on the opposite side of the seal gland

Steam is the most popular quench medium, but care should be taken that the steam pressure is very low (8-15 psi or less than one atmosphere), because the hot steam will penetrate through some bearing seals and contaminate the bearing lubrication.



  • On February 16, 2018