Troubleshooting a stopped pump

We will assume the pump is still hooked up to the piping but it is not running. We will also assume you will be present during the removal process:

  • You can check alignment between the pump and driver.
  • You can see “soft foot”. Soft foot is the tendency for one of the pump’s feet to rise when the hold-down bolt is loosened. Very bad for alignment.
  • During the removal process you can check for excessive pipe strain.
  • You can check if the piping has been installed according to good engineering practices. This is a major factor in many cavitation problems.

The pump has been taken into the workshop, but has not yet been disassembled and you will be present at the disassembly.

  • You can check the seal installation dimension.
  • You can feel if there is restricted movement of any of the rotating parts.
  • You can see if there is any loose hardware in the assembly


  • On February 18, 2018